Meet Gloria, The Boutique on Wheels

Meet Gloria, The Boutique on Wheels

Okay, so she’s a long way from being ready, but…….I have been keeping this secret for months. M O N T H S.  Which, if you know me, is a huge deal.  But here it is, I’m spilling the beans….A couple of months ago I made a BIG decision…I bought a vintage camper.  Why, you may ask?  To turn it into a mobile boutique, that’s why!

I’ve had the idea of a mobile shop in an old camper for years and after spending two summers in Denver and seeing all the mobile shops in action, I just KNEW I had to make my idea a reality. I finally realized that in order for this to actually happen I was going to have to make some moves and take a few calculated risks.  I started spending hours daily researching what to look for, things to stay away from and tips and tricks on restoring.  I quickly realized that this was a project that I absolutely could not do by myself like I had originally thought–I was depressed and lost nearly all hope but I kept looking.

One day as I was perusing Craigslist, I stumbled upon a post for a couple of campers in my price range (which, let me tell you, wasn’t a lot) so I sent an email inquiring–I figured I could at least just go take a look.  A day later I got a call and voicemail from Ken, the camper owner, and he tells me that he restores campers to their original glory or flips them into mobile spaces for people–he’s currently working on a mobile art gallery and just finished up a mobile photo booth and even a BBQ food truck.  I was SO excited but I was really skeptical because, again, I didn’t have a ton of money to throw around.  Anyway we set up a meeting and Jonathan and I headed up into the mountains to take a look.

There were several to choose from but we knew from the moment we stepped into Gloria that she would be mine.  Seriously, we both just knew.  I waited for a few days for some more research and budgeting and then I wrote the check.

As soon as the title was handed to me and I was alone to take measurements I sat down on the floor and cried. Happy…excited…terrified–I honestly felt everything at that moment.


(Officially Mine!)


(Meet Gloria. A 1966 Red Dale camper trailer.)

She’s been partially gutted, had her paint stripped and she needs work from the rails up (literally!) but she’s got good bones!  I will be keeping the stove, the ice box and rebuilding the couch that pulls out into a bed so that I can use her for camping as well.

Here are some of our first draft renderings:

In the first view, you can see the couch which will be used to display pillows, blankets and other cute home goods. The area with the sink will have a cabinet that goes over it so that it hides it and becomes a flat display area.

Still trying to figure out how to put a small fitting area across from the sink and stove.

And here is a sample of how it will look all set up on site.  I’ll have a roll out awning and some cute display furniture to make the shop look cohesive and inviting.

The actual body work hasn’t gotten started due to winter weather but the goal is Spring/Summer 2017! EEK!!! Again, this is just the first rough draft so there will be a lot of changes but it feels awesome to be lost in the right direction.

I am also planning on branching out from strictly vintage to handmade and new boutique items that fit with the Chance & Coincidence aesthetic.  If you’ve had any type of experience with buying or with having your own shop, (mobile or otherwise) I would love to hear from you!

Are mobile boutiques or fashion trucks a thing in your area?  If so, what’s been your favorite and why?




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