What’s in my Carry-On

Not only have I been traveling my entire life, I'm also a licensed flight attendant.  Over the years I've mastered the art of packing my carry-on bag.  A full-size is a different story...but as long as I'm under 50lbs I'm good, right? RIGHT?! Take a peak at the list...

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Honey, I’m home!

So this blog has been around for awhile now and unfortunately it's been dormant for most of its sad life. The past two years have taught me so much of who I am and what I want (and don't want) and I'm ready to actually do this thing.  No more half-assed posts that I...

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Be Back Later!

Little did I know that the week after this picture was taken I really would be off on a new adventure.  I can't tell you exactly what it is right now but I will tell you that I'm in St. Louis, Missouri for the next six weeks.  (If you know why I'm here, keep those...

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Kayak Explore: The Wanderluster’s Site

Today I want to talk about something that I have been completely obsessed with as of late: Kayak Explore.  I have used it every single day recently and it's making my wanderlust even worse--I didn't think that was even possible. It's a simple concept really...you hop...

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Big City Lesson

*Caution! This story gets graphic* This isn't my first time living in a big city; I did a stint in Chicago right after college, but that doesn't mean that I don't still learn things about city living from time to time.  Normally it's just the whole "lock your doors"...

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Camping & Leadville, Colorado

Leadville, at an elevation of 10,430 ft above sea level, is the highest incorporated city in the United States.  While we were there the weather was absolutely gorgeous and warm but don't let it fool you as the weather is often unpredictable...the city has recorded...

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Gentlemen of the Road Stopover-Salida

A few weeks ago I was stuck in traffic listening to the radio when I heard about a Twitter contest for Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Festival tickets.  All you had to do was Tweet the DJ what you were currently doing and why you should win.  Now, I had looked at this...

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Welcome to the Circus!

Last week I wrote a post with interview tips...I wrote the post hours after I had an interview and while I was editing the post I got an email that I GOT THE JOB. I guess my interview tips worked for me that day. Haha! Anywho, I will be working as a Creative Assistant...

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