Hi there! I’m Kendall and I have a confession to make.

I do not, and I repeat, DO NOT have life figured out.

*insert sigh of relief here*

It feels really good to openly admit that.

I see all these blogs where people appear to have the most perfect lives and in today’s world, it’s really hard for us not to compare ourselves to those standards.  This blog isn’t about that.  It’s about being open and real, even when it’s not all that pretty.  Of course I do want to document the good times and the adventures but I also want to open up about things that may not be so perfect.

When I was in college (apparently as naive as f***) I just knew that I would graduate, find the most perfect and fulfilling 9-5 job, buy a house for my dog and I, travel the world, wear Louboutins (seriously, I had them picked out) and start down the path to marriage with my very own Prince Charming.

HAHA. Spoiler Alert:  That’s not what happened. At. All.  God, the universe, or whatever you believe in must’ve been laughing as I walked across that University stage…

At this point in my life I’ve had different boyfriends (a really amazing one now though, thank goodness!), too many apartment leases to count, at least 4 careers (and counting) and sadly no Louboutins.

(Me and Jonathan the boyf in our natural habitat–a music festival.  He’s my dreamboat, y’all.)

I have an almost unhealthy desire to travel.  I grew up traveling with my family and somehow it planted the travel bug so deep within me that I almost can’t contain it.  Wanderlust, I guess you would call it.  I enjoy good music and would spend my last penny to be shoved in the middle of a sweaty concert or festival–hold the country genre though, thanks.  I enjoy dressing up for anything needing a costume, especially when it involves an adult beverage–or 5…  I like to make stuff and when I do I love to share how I did it. I kiss my dogs more than any dog owner I know and take millions of pictures of them; I mean I’ll just never be over how cute they are.  Here they are wearing scarves in the snow…

The derps AKA the Flegel-Laing pups.
Left: Peyton Elizabeth is a 5 year-old English Cream Retriever Right: Hanley Alexander is a 7 year-old Weimaraner

I am a vintage clothing hoarder.  I used to try to say that I wasn’t but when you start shopping for storage units just for your “collection”, you’re totally a hoarder.  You can currently shop part of my collection here.  Keep an eye on my page though…big things coming for the shop in 2017–I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT THAT I MAY VERY WELL EXPLODE.

A few pieces from my collection modeled by my beautiful friend Sydney.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado but I was born and raised in Kingsport, Tennessee.

I am unapologetically goofy, sometimes have the humor of a 13-year-old boy and regularly identify with Jess on New Girl.  I suffer from FOMO and comparing myself to others and sometimes I need a doughnut so badly that I just might die (the addiction is real, guys).  I don’t know where life is going but the ride has been interesting so I’ll just be over here continuing to try new things.

I want to laugh with you, cry with you and share my successes and mistakes with you.  If any of this resonates, stick around.  If not, click on, internet traveler.

To those of you that wish to stay, grab some tea (or whiskey if you’re up for it!), and welcome to Chance & Coincidence.