Now that I’ve moved all of my stuff into a studio/office space I can finally work on putting new stuff up regularly!  **STOKED**.  The site currently only has women’s clothing, purses and shoes but I will be expanding to include vintage and handmade goods and men’s clothing! I honestly could not be more excited.

Each Wednesday (unless something comes up) I will post a “What’s New Wednesday” to the blog to show you what’s been listed for the week.  So without further adieu…here goes week one!

Vintage floral and polka dot overalls: $78
More Details: Here

Vintage Oscar de la Renta for Swirl Jacket/Shirt Dress: $86
More details: Here

Vintage MuuMuu Maxi Dress: $100
More Details: Here

Vintage Black Floral and Butterfly Ichi Ban Kimono: $60
More Details: Here

Vintage Tweed Style Colorful High Waist Skirt: $46
More Details: Here

Vintage Coverall Jumpsuit (Unisex): $62
More Details: Here

Vintage Pajama Gown Tunic Dress: $36
More Details: Here

That’s it for now!  Further shopping details can be found at the link provided above each photo.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me!


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