Not only have I been traveling my entire life, I’m also a licensed flight attendant.  Over the years I’ve mastered the art of packing my carry-on bag.  A full-size is a different story…but as long as I’m under 50lbs I’m good, right? RIGHT?!

Take a peak at the list of what I pack below. (Pssst: I have a link to a printable packing list at the bottom…)

      (PS…this bag is on clearance at Target! Find it here!)

Boarding Passes: I like to print mine just so I have backup because, ya never know
Flight Info


Kindle Fire: pre loaded with a couple of book options
Headphones: pack a splitter if you’re traveling with someone! Makes sharing to watch a show or movie much more enjoyable
Charging stick: because an open outlet can be impossible to find
Chargers for all electronics: be sure you pack any lithium ion batteries in your carry-on because there’s a chance they can catch fire if under the plane

Tinted Moisturizer
Hand Sanitizer: the things you touch in the airport are grosssssss
Emery Board: not the sharp metal ones…just the little drugstore cheapies
Hair Brush/A few hair ties: my hair is INSANE with all the static so this always comes in handy
A couple of bandaids: in case of blisters or small cuts
A few safety pins:  these suckers come in handy in so many ways

Cozy socks: I HATE cold feet and flight attendants can’t change the temperature of the plane so if it’s freezing then that’s most likely how it will be for the duration of the flight.
Shawl or small blanket: just a head’s up…if the blanket a flight attendant hands you isn’t wrapped in plastic it’s been used repeatedly by countless people…ew.

Protein Bar
Water bottle: empty, of course, but I fill it up after security

Longer flights:
Adult coloring book/colored pencils
Travel pillow

Depending on where I’m going I’ll throw in a bathing suit or a change of clothes just in case (and heaven forbid!) my luggage gets lost en route to my destination.

Of course these are just my carry-on absolute must-haves.  I know people that pack more than I do and even some that pack less–which I don’t understand how that’s even possible but good for them!  Click here for a printable carry-on packing list.

What are your travel must-haves?


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