I have never been one to enjoy the cold (a winter in Chicago nearly killed me) but I have to say that I love when it snows here in Denver.  It’s not like the winter storms in Tennessee where everyone runs to the store to grab all of the milk and bread and all of the interstates become littered with abandoned vehicles…it snows and things continue on almost as normal.

Today I took a break and went wandering in the snow.

snow day 11

To get ready I threw on an animal print sweater, chambray shirt and a cozy fur vest to go under my puffy winter coat.  My leggings are fleece lined–hello comfort!

Warm, snuggly layers have become my wardrobe’s best friends this season.

snow day 2

Sweater: H&M
Chambray Shirt: Nordstrom
Fur Vest: Unknown

This slouchy fringe bag is my current go-to and I’m loving the boho vibe it adds to my outfits.

snow day 7

Bag: Vince Camuto

snow day 10

This down-filled puffer coat is the perfect length and squishes into its own little bag so that I can even throw it in my purse if I need to.

snow day 3

Coat: Ralph Lauren

snow day 9

snow day 5

snow day 4

Hat & Glove Set: J Crew

And today I went with my motorcycle boots because they’re my faves but, just to be clear, next time I walk in the snow I’m wearing my snow boots–even though they won’t look as cute.

snow day 8

Boots: Lucky Brand (No longer available)

Some of the items I’m wearing are no longer available but I’ve found some similar ones for you to shop!

Shop the look:

What are your favorite things to wear on a snow day?




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